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Their histories are remarkably similar, particularly the fact that both are best known for being the rapper Lil Dicky, even though they both still introduce themselves as Dave. Still following? With barely any music out, he used to tell record labels that he was going to become one of the biggest artists in the world. Burd acknowledges how ridiculous some of the things that come out his mouth may sound, even to himself. Those are delusions of grandeur that are off the charts. When people count the many hundreds of series that make up this Age of Too Much Television, they tend to refer only to the obvious places — broadcast, cable and the big-deal streamers Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. On a recent morning, Burd, 31, recounted his trajectory from inside his spacious, modern home in Los Angeles. In what during the s would be called the family room — even though he lives by himself — there was a cozy, L-shaped couch, a voluminous bean bag chair, fresh carpeting and a large but not ostentatious television. Warning: Lil Dicky videos contain graphic humor. He started a Lil Dicky Facebook page and sent the link to a group of his friends.
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The hit sitcom about a white Jewish rapper in the world of hip-hop takes male insecurity to profound levels.
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David Andrew Burd born March 15, , better known by his stage name Lil Dicky , is an American rapper and comedian.
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The hit sitcom about a white Jewish rapper in the world of hip-hop takes male insecurity to profound levels. Burd and his part series Dave exist on the knife-edge of profundity, absurdity and hilarity. Co-written by Burd and produced by Seinfeld showrunner Jeff Schaffer, the show focuses on Burd as the eponymous Dave, a Jewish rapper trying to make it in the world of hip-hop as his alter ego Lil Dicky while negotiating his whiteness and litany of insecurities. We see Burd negotiate an intrinsic belief in himself and his greatness as a rapper with charges of cultural appropriation and the general disbelief of those around him.

That meandering between arrogance and humility is reflected in reality too. Burd spent a year working on his rap material while working in advertising. I was on vacation with my parents and my girlfriend in Hawaii just before I put anything online and they went around the table each saying why it would ruin my life. Yet, as a white rapper, Burd understands he exists as a privileged minority in hip-hop. The outcome is, of course, no surprise to Burd. But what about so many people now having an intimate understanding of his biggest insecurity: his penis?

TV comedy. Ammar Kalia. Photograph: FX. Published on Tue 26 May

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