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By Hannah Sparks. September 24, pm Updated September 25, am. Not in the beginning, says year-old Lauren Cotter, who was born with uterus didelphys, a birth defect that results in two reproductive systems in one body: a womb, cervix and vagina split down the middle, each half the size of one healthy uterus. According to researchers , about one in every 3, women is born with a double uterus. The elementary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia, received her unusual diagnosis at age 16, after two years of agonizing periods that began when she was When an ultrasound revealed she had the rare condition, her doctor informed her that bearing children was unlikely. Still, she went forward with surgery to remove the dividing wall through her vagina, which allowed her to have a more normal sex life. But her uterus remained split, which left an increased likelihood of miscarriage and stillbirth. She met her future husband at 17, and knew she had to be honest with the would-be father after they were married in In June , the Cotters delivered their eldest daughter, Amelie, via Caesarean section.
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Mother with TWO vaginas and two wombs defies odds to end up with four children

Elizabeth Amoaa has a rare condition that means she was born with two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs. But she had no idea for most of her life, only finding out five years after her daughter was born. In , the year-old was diagnosed with uterus didelphys — a congenital abnormality that occurs when two smaller tubes in a female fetus fail to fuse into a single uterus, instead growing into two separate structures. She had previously been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and doctors told her she was infertile so when she gave birth to Rashley, now nine, she knew she was a miracle baby. Throughout her pregnancy, her double womb caused problems but neither Elizabeth or her doctors realised it was there. The problems led doctors to suggest Elizabeth should have a termination but she decided to wait and see. The surgery also revealed that Elizabeth had stage 5 endometriosis — a painful disorder where uterine tissue grows outside the uterus — on her bladder. I want to be the voice of the voiceless for every woman out there who is going through symptoms like what I went through. She also travels back to Ghana to work with women where talk of gynaecological issues can still be taboo. So my main focus is giving women that courage and that motivation they need for them to come out about their condition.

A woman who was told she may never become a mother after being born with two reproductive systems has given birth to a total of four children. The condition — which affects around one in 3, women - meant she was born with two uteruses, two cervixes and, in her case, two vaginas. The primary school teacher was told that carrying and delivering children would be difficult because her wombs and cervixes were half the size of an average woman. But, against the odds, Mrs Cotter and childhood sweetheart husband Ben, 33, have become parents to Amelie, five, Harvey, three, and month-old twins Maya and Evie. Lauren Cotter, 34, and childhood sweetheart husband Ben, 33, have become parents to Amelie, five, Harvey, three, and month-old twins Maya and Evie against the odds. Mrs Cotter pictured after giving birth to son Harvey was diagnosed with uterus didelphys at 16 and told she'd struggle to carry and deliver children. The condition — which affects around one in 3, women - meant the mother pictured heavily pregnant with the twins was born with two uteruses, two cervixes and, in her case, two vaginas. Mrs Cotter carried all her daughters in her right womb, while Harvey grew in her left. Diagram shows how a normal uterus compares to sufferers of uterus didelphys. The mother carried all the girls in her right womb, while Harvey grew in her left.

Eleanor Rowe only made the discovery when she wanted to freeze her eggs. A woman born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas has defied the odds by giving birth to her first child. Eleanor Rowe, 36, only discovered her unusual anatomy five years ago when she went to freeze her eggs and a sonographer found her second womb. But it was only when doctors carried out an investigatory procedure they realised she actually had the rarer form of uterus didelphys - two wombs, cervixes and vaginas.

Eleanor underwent a corrective procedure to cure the one in a million condition, but doctors warned she faced a 90 per cent chance of miscarrying. But three months ago she welcomed Imogen Hope - who she carried in her left womb - with husband Chris. Eleanor from Ranskill, Nottinghamshire, said: "I just can't believe I had lived three decades and didn't know this was all going on inside me. Although it was an early labour. But when she was sent for a 3D scan of her ovaries, the sonographer mistakenly thought she was having full IVF treatment and instead carried out a 3D scan of her womb.

The results showed an abnormality on the scan, which led staff to believe she may have two wombs. Eleanor was referred to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow for an investigative operation which revealed she also had two cervix and two vaginas. The condition known as uterus didelphys - a rare congenital abnormality - developed when she was a feutus. Counsellor Eleanor said: "My periods have always been irregular so I always had a hunch I would need some help with assisted conception.

But inside I had a duplication of everything! Doctors remove the wall that divided the vaginas - leaving her with two cervix and wombs - in A year later Eleanor met technology consultant Chris at a bar in London in May and the pair married two years later. Two months after their wedding the couple discovered Eleanor was pregnant in her right - and weaker - womb. But in the first trimester Eleanor suffered a miscarriage after the fetus attached itself to the thin dividing wall.

Doctors were forced to medically intervene in the miscarriage as Eleanor's body had not done so naturally. She was induced for eight hours until she 'gave birth'. Eleanor said: "Even though I had been warned about the difficulties I would face it was still devastating. To choose surgical management where they do it when you're asleep or medical management where they give you medication to induce contractions and instigate the 'miscarriage'. When the couple attended the funeral service for their miscarried child at the hospital, Eleanor discovered she was pregnant for a second time.

She booked an appointment with her GP - where she was immediately marked her as a high-risk pregnancy and given weekly monitoring at her Sheffield hospital.

Throughout Eleanor's pregnancy doctors monitored her and at 24 weeks she had to be given steroid injections after contracting obstetric cholestasis - a serious liver disorder which can result in stillbirth. Eleanor said: "It was very upsetting to have developed this condition as it was already a high risk pregnancy without this additional complication, that we had never heard of before.

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